skinLichen Nitidus
Lichen nitidus is a relatively rare, chronic skin eruption. Lichen nitidus is characterized clinically by asymptomatic, flat-topped, skin-colored micropapules. Lichen nitidus may affect anyone, but typically develops in children and young adults. Lichen nitidus is a benign disease with no associated mortality or complications. The cause of lichen nitidus is unknown. It consists of tiny, skin-colored bumps (papules) that often appear in clusters on the surface of your skin, especially on the arms and legs. Even without treatment, lichen nitidus usually disappears over time. The papule of lichen nitidus consists of a lymphohistiocytic inflammatory cell infiltrate that lies in close proximity to the epidermis and is associated with basal cell hydropic degeneration. Certain parts of the body are more affected like trunk, arms, and genitals. Sometimes it can be seen in palms, soles or inside the mouth. Lesions are often found on the forearms, penis and trunk. It usually does not respond to topical steroids and resolves without treatment over a period of months, but the duration of lesions is variable.


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